If you want to keep your home pest-free, it is only right that you be very aware of the different bugs, insects, or wildlife that could invade your property. Learning about beetles is not an exception. Did you know that there are around 40,000 species of beetles everywhere in the world?

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This means that beetles can take different forms, colors, sizes, and shapes, though most of them are black with ridged or fused wing covers, suggesting that they can’t fly. Instead, they run. Most of them have bodies with three segments. Beetles excrete caustic or noxious gasses when threatened. Most ground beetles live in humid and dark areas. Their most favorite spots are tree barks, mulches, and piles of leaves. They also prefer areas that are near some water sources.

Should You Be Concerned with Ground Beetles?

Ground beetles, when they grow in very large numbers, can be considered as pests. While they don’t harm people, don’t damage homes, and mostly stay outdoors, they tend to pinch or bite when threatened. They also excrete a certain smell that can be otherwise bothersome.

In your garden, these betters will actually help you with pest control as they will take care of worms and slugs for you without harming your plants. However, they also have the tendency to move indoors if their population outside had grown in very large numbers. That’s when these insects become pests.

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Some beetles end up in your home because they are drawn to the lights inside. They’ll enter through the cracks in the doors and windows. Aside from that, beetles will enter your home if there isn’t enough food for them outdoors. Keeping them out should be your first priority.

While beetles can’t reproduce inside your home they won’t nest inside. However, they also won’t go away. That’s the reason why you may want to call the Alpharetta pest control professionals if you feel that they’re starting to be a problem to you.

Getting Rid of Beetles

As far as ground beetles are concerned, prevention is way better than cure. You have to do some measure to ensure that no more beetles will come in once you have removed all that was already inside. You can start by sealing the open areas that they may break into.

Seal the cracks in your windows and doors. As for your back or front yard, make it a habit to move rocks, logs, and mulches far away from your house’s structure. Regularly cut weed and grass. If there are simply too many ground beetles in your yard, switch to yellow lighting so they won’t get attracted to go inside.

Still, the best way to address beetles and other pests would be to hire a reputable pest control company. Scout all of these service providers near you and chose the one that can provide you with an impeccable service at the lowest possible price. That way, you won’t have problems with beetles or any other pest in your home.