Cockroaches must be one of the nastiest pests you’ll have to deal with. They’re dirty and can carry a lot of diseases and viruses. You don’t need to see several cockroaches in your home to be alarmed. Seeing one means that there is a pest problem to be addressed.

Johns Creek Pest Control

A single cockroach can bring forth a lot of health issues, such as skin rashes, stomach sickness, and allergies. Cockroaches can get to your food easily, quickly, and without you knowing. That’s the biggest problem you have with these pests.

There are different types of cockroaches and some types are drawn to water. Others would go where there is food, including the dumpster. The thing about cockroaches is that they can squeeze themselves into tight spaces and they can go about without being detected. That’s the reason why you have to do something about these pests the moment you see one.

Knowing the Signs of Cockroach Infestations

You know that there’s a cockroach lurking in your home if you notice any of the signs below. These pests go out of their hiding places at night. But if you see them during daylight as well, it only means that their number has grown big that they all can’t fit inside their nest. The other signs are:

1. You see cockroach feces.

The feces of cockroach can range from very small, like dust, to large, like that of a coffee bean. They may either be pellet-shaped or spherical, depending on what type of cockroach lives in your home. Don’t mistake those black spheres for anything else. Call for Johns Creek pest control as soon as you can.

2. There are some cockroach eggs lying about.

Cockroach eggs look like tiny egg sacs. They are shaped like a bean and appear smooth. Once you see one too many of this stuff, then there’s a reason to be alarmed. Call the professionals right away to help you out.

3. You notice some dead cockroaches.

If you see dead cockroaches, it only means that the population has gotten big they’re free milling about your home. You may find dead cockroaches near the places where they usually find food, such as the fridge, dishwasher, oven, and behind the pipes.

4. You smell something terrible.

Large cockroach nests are given away by their smell. Cockroaches tend to smell musky and dirty. If you notice that smell in your attic, closet, or any storage area, then you might have a big problem on your hands. Don’t lose time in calling the experts.

What to Do About Cockroach Infestation

If you have determined that your home is infested with cockroaches, then the next step is to do something about it. Call the expert and have them handle the problem. In the meantime, be sure to clean your house thoroughly and remove all food sources that may be accessible to cockroaches.

Next, set some traps and baits so you can eliminate as many as you can before the exterminators come around. Doing so would benefit your family, especially the children. However, you have to know the proper procedure on how to go about this as handling chemicals and pests is hazardous.